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Gothic, steampunk, industrial, and neo-historical fashion and design
This community was originally started by Madame Archel as the LJ offshoot of alt.gothic.fashion on Usenet. Ice Princess is the longest-running moderator and current maintainer of the group.

Membership is open, and all members can post. Feel free to discuss all things related to gothic fashion and aesthetics, from clothing, shoes, and makeup, to home decorating and gardening, to larger issues such as use of goth fashion and style in the media. We do encourage you to share photos of your creations and outfits (as long as the photos are behind cut tags), along with descriptions. And reviews of stores, vendors, and products are especially welcome!

If you have some basic questions about goth fashion (such as hair dye or where to buy boots or corsets), you might want to refer to the AGF FAQ. It's the sum of years of online knowledge about goth fashion and is a great resource.

The community owner is icprncs. Our moderators are sayaka, kambriel, and angldst.

1. Sale and auction postings are still welcome. You may make only *one* sale/auction post per calendar month. THIS MEANS YOU. Store advertisements (including etsy) are also limited to one per calendar month. If you post sales more frequently than that, your post may be deleted without warning. If you do it repeatedly, you will be reported for spamming. Any images included in sales postings must be behind a cut tag (see #2).

2. ALL PHOTOS AND IMAGES, OF ANY TYPE, MUST BE BEHIND A CUT TAG. No exceptions. This includes banners and thumbnails. If it's an image, cut-tag it. Instructions for lj-cut tags are here if you don't already know how to use them. Community members are encouraged to remind posters of this rule if the moderators have not yet stepped in. Any entry with photos or images not behind cut tags will be deleted, often without warning.

3. Be civil. No trolling. No flame wars. No name-calling. Anyone engaging in these behaviors will be banned from the community.

4. We're not fanatical about being on topic, but do try to keep things at least somewhat related to the general area of gothic fashion and aesthetics.

5. Promotional posts should relate to the topic of goth fashion and aesthetics. Posts for goth-friendly events, sites, or publications that have some relation to fashion and design are welcome, as long as they follow the rules for sales (see #1). This is not an appropriate place to promote your band or modeling career.

6. Do not make a post with commenting turned off. (Only the moderators are allowed to do that.) Any posts with commenting disabled will be deleted.

7. Have fun!